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What Our Customers Are Saying...

"The popcorn was a hit...the Media LOVED it!  Thanks again for working with us."
~L. Cox,
"Your caramel popcorn is DELICIOUS!!!  It is the perfect amount of caramel.  You can still taste the popcorn and butter unlike most that have a real thick caramel.  My husband and I ate it all at once."
~M. Ranney
"My sister-in-law came to Philadelphia last weekend to visit and brought us a bag of your popcorn.  In a word - it's divine."
~ K. Balaschak

"Oh my gosh, I just had to tell you how incredible your popcorn is!  Sooooo yummy!  Not kidding!  Great job!"
~ S. Doub

"Thank you so much for the popcorn.  We loved it!  Popsations is sure to be a hit all over Baltimore ... and beyond!" 
~ Lynn C. and staff
"Popsations Popcorn is, by far, the best gourmet popcorn we've ever eaten. The Classic Mix is incredibly addicting. UPS delivered to our office and between just the two of us, our 1 Gallon Pail was devoured in less than 36 hours!"
~ Sharon & Lisa

"I just opened my tin and this is the BEST caramel popcorn I have ever had. I LOVE it!"
~ G. Grauel
“Your popcorn is amazing.  We put the tin in our TV room and can’t keep the lid on it.” 
~ L. Kreis

“Oh my heavens…this is the best popcorn I have ever had.  It is delicious and truly is addictive!  I will definitely be giving this out to my clients.”
~ K. Meyer

“My family really enjoyed your popcorn.  It was unanimous that it was even better than the caramel popcorn we get at the beach.  You have a great recipe!”
~ L. Collins

“Thank you for getting my order together.  I gave bags of your Dark Chocolate Drizzle to my clients and coworkers for the holidays and they were a hit.” 
~ M. DeLuca