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Ribbon Bags

Popsations gourmet caramel popcorn gift set
Our polka dot ribbon bags are sold in sets of 6. These 8 ounce bags hold six 3/4 cup servings of delicious gourmet popcorn and have a red and white polka dot ribbon on the top.  Choose 6 bags of your favorite flavor OR manage your chocolate craving with our chocolate sampler containing 2 Milk Chocolate Drizzle, 2 White Chocolate Drizzle and 2 Dark Chocolate Drizzle.  IF you are looking to try all our delicious flavors, choose our six flavor sampler which contains 1 Classic Caramel, 1 Crabby Caramel, 1 Cinnamon Caramel, 1 Dark Chocolate Drizzle, 1 Milk Chocolate Drizzle and 1 White Chocolate Drizzle.  This is a great way to stock up on gifts or simply make sure you have enough of our distinctively delicious popcorn to make it through the week.
Please keep in mind that while we love summer, summer does not love chocolate and we are not able to guarantee delivery of our Chocolate Drizzle flavors in the warm weather.
What some of our customers have said:
"Your ribbon bags make the perfect gift.  The ribbon is the perfect accent.  Everyone I have given them to has been so excited to receive them."  ~J. Brooks

Bag Options:
Price: From $48.00 to $60.00